Who Said Ice Cream Can’t Be Strange (12 of the Craziest Flavors… EVER)

)  Craving for some Curry Carrot ice scream?

Every now and then, we would like to get our hands on some ice cream, and why wouldn’t we?  It tastes good, provides utter refreshment during those warm summer months and the kids sure do enjoy it.

)  Sweet and spicy come together when you grab a few scoops of Jalapeño Strawberry ice cream.

)  We love bacon, but we didn’t imagine it to be an ice cream flavor.

)  Spaghetti and cheese ice cream? Are you kidding?!

)  Want to get a bit intoxicated with your desserts?  Here’s some beer flavored ice cream for you.

)  Sweet corn gelato looks pretty sweet, though we understand if people don’t take too kindly to it.