6. Don’t panic!In a situation like this, panic is the enemy of survival!

3. Keep your belts on as tight as possibleBecause if you’re about to be thrown over, the force of your body will have a less terrible impact than those who had their seatbelts looser

8. Being fit is a plusIn a situation that asks for a squeeze, being fit can help as it makes you more agile and alert. If you’re thin, it would be easier too as you can move around better.

10. Stay positive and stay calmBecause even in the middle of adversity, one must always have their heads on top of their shoulders

Take seats that are nearer to the exitPossibly the most obvious of all tips, research shows that people who sit five rows near the exits have a higher chance of surviving

We’re not saying you’re going to be in a plane crash tomorrow, but we’re not saying you have to be carefree all the time. After all, remember what that guy in with the one eye in Harry Potter said? Constant vigilance! You never know what and when the next attack on a plane will be. Will it run out of fuel in the middle of flight? Is system going to crash for some reason?