Top Ten Things You Need to Do When You're in a Plane Crash

Take seats that are nearer to the exitPossibly the most obvious of all tips, research shows that people who sit five rows near the exits have a higher chance of surviving

We’re not saying you’re going to be in a plane crash tomorrow, but we’re not saying you have to be carefree all the time. After all, remember what that guy in with the one eye in Harry Potter said? Constant vigilance! You never know what and when the next attack on a plane will be. Will it run out of fuel in the middle of flight? Is system going to crash for some reason?

4. Always remember “Plus three/ Last Eight”It’s the airlines’ lingo for, “First three minutes into flight and last eight minutes of the flight”. Before you sit back and relax, take these time frames and observe if anything is amiss during the flight

5. Forget the luggage and run!Although you may want to grab your important things, but if you can’t then just run! It takes approximately 90 seconds before the whole plane can crash on you. Cover your mouth and nose with a wet piece of cloth and take off your high heels!

Take back seatsIn another survey, it has been found that people who seat at the back of the plane as opposed to those in the front have are most likely to get out alive

9. Listen to safety instructionsAnd make sure your kids are listening!

7. If in case you do panic…Ninety percent of the time, people do panic however there is that ten percent chance that someone is over there thinking calmly and leading everyone to safety. If that happens, try to listen to that person, as he or she may help you snap out of it!