The Top 100 Beach Destinations in the World - Part 3 of 4

Grand Anse, Grenada

Here’s part three of our top beach destinations worldwide.  If you aren’t satisfied with the previous two articles, be happy that we’ve managed to find a few more.  It’s not like you won’t have your hands full with all the choices, but we’re not exactly stopping you from having a good time here.

This is arguably the best family beach in all of Grenada. It’s pretty big, although it doesn’t get too crowded. It can also be a rather intimate setting for romantic escapades. The cool waters, the soothing breeze and the soothing sand make it a killer destination.

Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand

It has seen a lot more visits in the past few years. Even then, it almost seems unspoiled and unscathed. Being one of the finest beaches in Thailand, you get luxury comforts here. The island is also quite small enough that you can circumnavigate it by foot.