The Best Hotels In The World to Hang Out with Your Friends – Part 1

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong -  offering the best view of the city at a staggering 118 floors

 We are sure that a lot of you folks out there are looking to take a break from the monotony of it all and just go on a trip all around the world with your buddies.  Sure, you just might get lucky with an all-expenses paid trip via a contest or even win the lottery, and that would be the best opportunity you can get to finally travel anywhere you want.  Of course, if you’ve got a few options in mind, you might also want to get proper accommodations, which is why you’ll want to consider these hotels during your future trips.

The Gritti Palace, Italy – you are met with a wonderful view of the Grand Canal

First World Hotel, Malaysia – you got food courts, theme parks, a casino and 6,000 guest rooms… That’s a lot.

Caves Resort, Jamaica – near the Atlantic Ocean and built under the limestone cliffs of the coastline

Jade Mountain, Sta. Lucia – built on a cliff near the Caribbean ocean, you get an amazing view of the forest that surrounds it.