Soar to the Skies in Luxury – The Most Luxurious International Airlines Ever

) Qantas Airlines – Sheepskin beds, luxury kits and the like have amounted to such a long standing reputation among travelers.

)  Emirates – You can get private cabins for $5,000, but more improvements such as a full shower room are worth the price itself.

)  American Airlines – still somewhat budget friendly at a basic price of 1,800 dollars, but you get a lot of privileges for flying first class.

) Cathay Pacific Airways Limited – For the price of $7,500, you get 5 course meals, lots of sleeping space in your seat, appropriate sleepwear and luxury kits.

)  Etihad – you get private suites but you also need to book way in advance to fly with this airline.

)  Air India – with fully reclining passenger seats plus amazing food, you can expect to dish out $2,000 for a flight.