Soar to the Skies in Luxury – The Most Luxurious International Airlines Ever

)  British Airways – expect to pay about 6,000 dollars to get first class seating and unbridled services.

To be able to travel to different countries in the world can really make for quite some memorable moments.  You have so many things to see, people to meet and memories to make, and all of these in a place which you hardly know but are willing to explore.  We would sure love such an opportunity, especially since we’ve been stuck in this office for quite some time now.  Oh, anything in the world just for us to be able to book a flight and be spontaneous.  Alas, we leave it all to you, loyal readers and adventurers.

)  Virgin Atlantic Airlines – You’ve got your onboard bars, meals on demand and in-flight massages.  What’s not to love?  Oh, the fare, which can be as basic as $5,000.

)  EOS Airlines – Get yourself 21 square feet of space between yourself and the next passenger, then surely you’ve got a whole lot of leg room for sleeping during those long trips.

)  Singapore Airlines – With First Class suites now available, couples can have the most romantic flights possible.

)  Swiss Airlines – Known for efficiency in service and staff courtesy, their reputation is well earned.