Soar to the Skies in Luxury – The Most Luxurious International Airlines Ever

)  Virgin Atlantic Airlines – You’ve got your onboard bars, meals on demand and in-flight massages.  What’s not to love?  Oh, the fare, which can be as basic as $5,000.

)  EOS Airlines – Get yourself 21 square feet of space between yourself and the next passenger, then surely you’ve got a whole lot of leg room for sleeping during those long trips.

)  Singapore Airlines – With First Class suites now available, couples can have the most romantic flights possible.

)  Swiss Airlines – Known for efficiency in service and staff courtesy, their reputation is well earned.

)  Air Canada – You get sleeping pods which give you complete comfort and privacy, along with a touchscreen TV and noise cancellation headphones, all for $4,000.

) Qantas Airlines – Sheepskin beds, luxury kits and the like have amounted to such a long standing reputation among travelers.