New Zealand Burger Joints We Can’t Get Enough Of

You will find the White Lady roaming about in Auckland as it is simply a bus that serves burgers to customers for 24 hours.  Look at that photo, doesn’t that make you want to travel to New Zealand?

People seem to find it hard looking for that perfect burger, wherever part of the world they may be.  However, if there’s one country that doesn’t seem to find any difficulty in such, it would be New Zealand.  Yes, the Kiwis certainly have their fair share of fine grub, but the burgers are just totally out of this world.  If you ever do get to visit New Zealand, you just might have stepped foot into a world of gastronomic goodness, especially if you decide to check these places out.

  When you’re walking down the street, and this food truck passes by, don’t hesitate to order a serving. Trust us; the moment you make that first bite, you’ll probably end up like a dog chasing cars. You wouldn’t know what to do except go crazy at the very sight of it. Burgers like this are worth losing your insanity over, though.

Kaiteriteri’s Gone Burgers sure does have an appropriate name --- order one and it’s all gone to your stomach before you know it, because they’re just that damn good.

   You’ll get the feel of some home cooked meats with this joint. Another plus is that it’s located along the shorefront. Burgers meet the beach? That’s always an awesome experience that everybody should try out at least once. Read more: