New Zealand Burger Joints We Can’t Get Enough Of

Duke Carvell’s Emporium, located in Wellington, offers a great tasting double cheeseburger that will have you craving for more the next time around.

People seem to find it hard looking for that perfect burger, wherever part of the world they may be.  However, if there’s one country that doesn’t seem to find any difficulty in such, it would be New Zealand.  Yes, the Kiwis certainly have their fair share of fine grub, but the burgers are just totally out of this world.  If you ever do get to visit New Zealand, you just might have stepped foot into a world of gastronomic goodness, especially if you decide to check these places out.

  Two layers of cheese atop two patties, how could you not go crazy over such a sight? You’d definitely be in for quite the satisfaction even just after the first bite. Trust us though; you probably wouldn’t be getting enough of it. Yes, it’s just THAT good.

Grill Meets Beer in Wellington is the definitive pick for the juiciest burgers and the most excellent beers.

  Just one look at this photo and you know you won’t be regretting visits to this place. Look at all that melted cheese all over those juicy patties. The servings of bacon and veggies are truly overwhelming. Don’t blame us for the heart attack, but we’re fairly certain you won’t mind at all, especially with something this good in store for you.