Duke Carvell’s Emporium, located in Wellington, offers a great tasting double cheeseburger that will have you craving for more the next time around.

  Two layers of cheese atop two patties, how could you not go crazy over such a sight? You’d definitely be in for quite the satisfaction even just after the first bite. Trust us though; you probably wouldn’t be getting enough of it. Yes, it’s just THAT good.

Grill Meets Beer in Wellington is the definitive pick for the juiciest burgers and the most excellent beers.

  Just one look at this photo and you know you won’t be regretting visits to this place. Look at all that melted cheese all over those juicy patties. The servings of bacon and veggies are truly overwhelming. Don’t blame us for the heart attack, but we’re fairly certain you won’t mind at all, especially with something this good in store for you.

Burger Liquor at Wellington offers beef, pork and quinoa variants.  Yummy.

How often can you find this many variations of a hamburger?  Not very often, we reckon, but the guys a Burger Liquor exceeded all expectations.  So many distinct flavors to satisfy your taste buds, no doubt.  Down it all with a couple of beers and you can call it a day.

You will find the White Lady roaming about in Auckland as it is simply a bus that serves burgers to customers for 24 hours.  Look at that photo, doesn’t that make you want to travel to New Zealand?

  When you’re walking down the street, and this food truck passes by, don’t hesitate to order a serving. Trust us; the moment you make that first bite, you’ll probably end up like a dog chasing cars. You wouldn’t know what to do except go crazy at the very sight of it. Burgers like this are worth losing your insanity over, though.

Kaiteriteri’s Gone Burgers sure does have an appropriate name --- order one and it’s all gone to your stomach before you know it, because they’re just that damn good.

   You’ll get the feel of some home cooked meats with this joint. Another plus is that it’s located along the shorefront. Burgers meet the beach? That’s always an awesome experience that everybody should try out at least once. Read more: http://travelerdaily.com/new-zealand-burger-joints-we-cant-get-enough-of/12/#ixzz4MyJTUI00

Murder Burger in Auckland, New Zealand sure does give customers something to admire from a visual standpoint as well as munch on with uber goodness.

  To some folks, nothing is as satisfying as getting a good bite out of a tasty burger. Of course, when you got something that looks as good as this, chances are you’ll be craving for more. Don’t take the name of the joint too literally, though, unless you plan on going on a diet of this stuff for the entire year. Either way, we can’t blame you, because the burgers are truly delicious.