Religion has gone down an all-new low.

 Never did we imagine seeing an anime about Jesus. However, Japan’s there to give you your first state of a religious animated experience. Why does it look like that they’re even portraying it in a superhero-ish kind of manner? Seriously, this is just way too much for us to handle.

Creepy shit.

We get that fashion is very out-of-the-ordinary in Japan. We also understand that they can get a bit too eccentric for most people in the world to understand. However, this wig right here is just too weird for us to ever get into. What’s with the fascination with ghost hands and stuff? Seriously, we wouldn’t want to put this on our heads at all.

Chocolate Bruce Willis? Really, now…

We have absolutely no idea what the point of this was. Were you looking to get people to chomp on Bruce for some reason? Some ladies would probably find the thought appealing. For us, guys, though? Nope, not at all.

Waifu nights.

Apparently, friends in Japan get together over the weekends for some waifu nights. They get to spend the whole evening hugging pillows of their favorite female anime characters. Yes, that’s what we also call not having a life. Seriously guys, find yourselves some girlfriends already.

The Chicken Nanny?

We were totally fine with seeing the regular cosplayers in their skimpy outfits. At least those gave us a lot to think about at night. This one does too, just for all the wrong reasons. We’re not even going to get any sleep at all.

Sniff’s up.

The Japanese have a reputation for being among the most perverse people on the planet. We mean that in a sexual manner, of course. Hence, seeing something like this would be of no surprise to us anymore. To the regular folk, though, it’s just an exercise in sexual deviancy.