25 Photos That Prove Japan Out Of This World

Why would someone need this?

You’ve got to hand it to Japan. Even though they’re pretty much innovating every landscape they wish to go into, they’ve got some pretty wacky ideas. When we say wacky, we mean the ones that are just so totally out there that it boggles our minds what they were smoking in the first place. It almost seems as if their success in every major field possible thrives on the weird and unusual. We’d have to commend them for coming up with these totally extraordinary ideas, though. We won’t buy so easily into them, but we give them major props nonetheless.

See the photo above? That is supposedly a mouth exerciser. However, looking at it just gives us totally different vibes. It’s as if the Japanese clearly made this for their women (and some men) to develop their oral skills. And you wonder why they’re such massive pioneers in the porn industry…

Always handy for those runny nose days.

Don’t you just hate it when you have to go out in broad daylight when you’re feeling a little under the weather? Maybe your nose is just a little too runny for comfort? Hence, you’ll want to get this head gear. Or not, especially if you don’t want to look like a portable tissue dispenser that anybody can use.

What in the world…

We don’t know what this is. Is this supposed to be some kind of art? Are we supposed to be wowed by it? Truth be told, we’re more creeped out by the sight of it.

Please explain. Now.

Hey, we like our Japanese superheroes too. After all, we used to watch stuff like Bioman, Kamen Rider and the like back when we were kids. To see them put in rather weird situations like this, though? There goes every part of our childhood ruined.

Such jaw dropping stages.

You’ve got to appreciate their ingenuity. It’s not every day you can see a stage like this. It must’ve cost millions of yens just to be made. How’s that for a jaw dropping entrance, eh?