35 Sexiest Beach Sites You Have To Visit

Nikki Beach (South Beach, Miami, Florida)

A huge oceanfront complex on Miami’s SoBe, The Nikki Beach Bar is an amalgamation of night clubs, a beach bar, and restaurants. Full food and VIP bottle service awaits those who visit the club’s cabanas and lounge beds. Night life includes a live DJ and live entertainment by dancers, musicians, and aerial performers.

Sunset Beach

A great place to end the day with a cold one. You don’t have to wait until sunset to enjoy this bar on Shelter Island, New York. NYC refugees, Hampton residents, and yachters all know of this less popular beach, and they want to keep its beauty to themselves. The signature cocktail at this bar is the Sunset Beach Rose’, a light rose’ produced by Andre Balazs that has been shipping to this location since 1997.

Sagamore Art Hotel Bar

This bar, also on Florida’s SoBe, has mastered the art of beachside entertainment. Miami’s beautiful are drawn to the Sagamore’s signature cocktails, light beach breeze, and impressive selection of art. The stunning pool bar and grill is definitely one of Miami’s sexiest bars. The beach, as for everything in Miami, is never far away.

Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Night or day, this bar knows how to party. While technically not on a beach, Willy T’s Floating Bar chills on the coast of Norman Island and ensures some crazy fun. Start off the day relaxing with a beer, but be warned, things are bound to heat up by the afternoon. Away goes the Budweiser and out comes the Willy T’s brand rum for some body shots around the bar area. There is always a boat back to the mainland for the landlubbers who start having trouble with their sea legs after a few drinks.



This beach’s stunning pink sand is one to remember. Elafonissi is a unique destination off the coast of Greece. Its sand and crystal clear waters and lagoon mean great fishing spots and snorkeling experiences. Summer months will be the most enjoyable, between May and October. Despite Elafonissi being relatively untouched, it is still modern enough to be able to walk down the beach and grab a cup of coffee. If you haven’t yet visited a pink sand beach in your lifetime, I suggest you get on that as soon as you can!