Moon Nightclub at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here we are in the city of sin, Las Vegas. You’ll be living a life of excess, fueled by gambling, drinking and nonstop partying. However, if you do decide to take a (bathroom) break from it all, this is one view you will surely appreciate. All those pretty lights…

Mexican toilet over a 15 foot elevator shaft

We hope you’re not afraid of heights. Otherwise, you wouldn’t want to be in this restroom. If you’re okay with it, you’ll probably be mesmerized by the shaft that goes all the way down, witnessed in all its glory thanks to the glass floor. Yeah, pretty swanky, eh?

Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt, Germany

This just makes you feel like complete royalty. Every other building in the landscape will be your subjects. You are at your porcelain throne. You can almost imagining pissing on them, right?

Hotel Pulheim, Cologne, Germany

You just can’t beat witnessing something of this sort. It is such a beautiful and scenic view. No, we’re not talking about what you’d be seeing when you look down. However, that is still under your discretion, since you probably feel you’re mightily equipped “down there.”

Skyhouse Roof - Austin, Texas

All the ladies should truly appreciate this wonderful view. Right after they’ve done their lady things (you know, hygiene, makeup, etc.), they can take photos of the surrounding cityscape. It would also make for a perfect opportunity to take selfies.

Cliff-Top Chateau, France

Now, we wouldn’t want to think that you’re contributing to air pollution here. Besides, whatever gases you emit from your butthole after taking a crap might actually do wonders to the surrounding plant life. Besides, you’ve got a river outside the window. If that doesn’t make you relax as you’re sitting on the toilet, we don’t know what will.