Okay, just in case you didn’t notice, we were just lying to ourselves.  Everything about the South is as great as it gets.

  We just had to take back everything we said. You know, just in case you never figured out that we were being sarcastic about it. Feel free to visit these places. For real. No, we’re serious about it this time. You’ll definitely be in for some memorable moments worth cherishing.

Heck, Louisiana’s practically a ghost town.  .

    We’ve been told that Louisiana is all about partying all day long. What we see here is a riot. What’s fun about that? Would you really want to have stones and blunt objects thrown in your face? The moment these folks see you, they’ll want to get rid of you. They even got a creepy looking monster with wings carried by a tractor to ensure that.

Mississippi looks like something straight out of a horror film.  Why visit this place at all?

  The next thing you know, a ghoulish figure in the distance would pop out and scare the bejeezus out of you. Why even bother risking your life to visit this place? It’s only interesting if you want to get yourself killed. Heck, there may even be a Sasquatch roaming about, or so we’ve heard. Still interested? We think not.

Those muddy paths, those ugly shrubs, all that awfulness…

           You know what, this is the kind of place that you’d easily get lost in. Why would you ever want to do that? Do you even want to be found again by civilization? If you’re totally down to becoming primitive and classless, feel free to visit the ugliness of it all.

What’s there to see in Mississippi?  Absolutely nothing.

     Believe us when we say that Mississippi offers you absolutely nothing to admire. Forget about visiting places of cultural significance and historical value. All you get are just grass, trees and concrete structures that are as lifeless as the people residing in the state.

Do you see any bears?  We don’t.

          That’s just an overgrown dog. That’s not even worth the fuss. These animals are pretty lame, and you’d be better off heading to the zoo. Seriously, guys, what do you even see in places like this? Quit pulling our legs now.