17 Reasons to Stay Away from the Southern U.S. States

Heading for that midnight train to Georgia?  There’s absolutely nothing beautiful about this place.

Sure, everybody needs a vacation every now and then, so you would have to make a wise decision regarding your destination.  A lot of folks would prefer to stay at home just so they could get their bearings together, but there are many as well who enjoy a road trip to a different state or county.   If you belong to the latter group, may we suggest something?  Stay away from the South!  Believe us, you wouldn’t like it there, and even if you decided to give it a chance, we are pretty sure that you will regret every lasting second of it.

Look at that place. There’s no civilization to be found, not a single sign of life. What are you going to do the entire time, talk to the trees and the leaves? And the water… Yuck. It’s so green and dirty, you certainly don’t want to bathe in that at all.

Yep, we stand by our word, nothing remotely different about this place either.

You wanted to head down to Mississippi because you thought it would offer something different.  Come on, you're just kidding yourself.  Look at this place.  What have you to get all excited about?  It's all just a bunch of soil.

What’s so interesting about Stone Mountain anyway?  We don’t see the big fuss.

   Look at that wall of rock. Can you even say anything splendid about it? We can’t, considering that it’s as exciting as watching paint dry. Who really cares about a large stone sculpture carved into a hulking mass of rock anyway? We certainly don’t. Simply put — it’s boring.

Are you kidding us?  What  city?  Is there any?

  Like we said, there’s absolutely no concrete jungle setting to be found here. It’s all plains, fields and all the things that will make you want to fall asleep as soon as you stepped foot in this place. There are no nice views of the city skyline, because the city’s pretty flat and awful.        

Majestic? In your dreams.

  This looks like a cemetery. What’s so majestic about graveyards? The fact that you just might see a ghost that’ll scare the wits out of you? Seriously, people who are thinking of heading down here should get a reality check. It’s not beautiful. At all.