An Oi Asian Fusion serving of Dynamite Fries, all yours for just 4 dollars.

       Whoever thought French Fries would taste so good with some Asian flavors thrown in? Right?! We didn’t even know until we’ve tried it out ourselves, and it’s definitely worth ordering a few more again the next few times. At four dollars each serving, the Dynamite Fries at Oi Asian Fusion are sure to give your tummy and taste buds a reason to smile.

75-cent cheese pastries?  Only at Porto’s Bakery.

   If you’re looking for something pretty simple, while also being filling, cheese pastries are the way to go. In Los Angeles, none can beat the goodness that is served at Porto’s. Each pastry is just 75 dollars, which makes it an absolute must-buy, especially for takeouts.

Grab these 3 dollar cheese pupusas at Sarita’s Pupuseria.

If you're looking for something different, you might want to try out cheese pupusas.  Filled to the brim with flavor, eating these seem like an adventure in food heaven.  For the price, it's way beyond worth repeat visits.

Doughboys offers Red Velvet Cake for just 6 dollars.

    Red Velvet Cake is a sweet tooth’s dream come true. However, most coffee shops and restos don’t really skimp out on the prices. If you want an affordable pick to get your fair share of this delectable dessert, head down to Doughboys.

The Daikako Ramen for just $9.50, only at Daikokuya.

     Come on — ramen is always a go-to favorite for a lot of us folks here. Sometimes you just need a refreshing broth that also caters to your noodle loving self. Most Japanese restaurants aren’t exactly wallet-friendly, though, so it really is quite refreshing to head down to Daikokuya and just enjoy a whopping bowl of ramen goodness.

Sapp Coffee Shop has got some delicious Thai boat noodles for only $5.75.

       Thai food is the bomb, that much we can say. Even better is the fact these this bowl of noodles is made affordable, considering that we fell in love with it the first time we ordered a serving. This comes with a high recommendation from us, and that’s already excluding the low price.