17 L.A. Eats That Are As Affordable As They Can Get

Diddy Riese’s ice cream and cookies sandwich for only $1.75

Whoever says that Los Angeles is nothing but a bunch of expensive stuff put together in one place is probably out of their minds.  Much like every other prominent state in the U.S., there are some really good treats which you can lather up without guilt and still manage to save up money on.  Look hard enough and you’ll find some really tasty food and snacks that don’t cost more than 10 dollars.  However, since you may not be the type of individual who likes to do a lot of research and just wants to get straight to these practical joints, we already compiled a list of places for you to visit ASAP.

Diddy Riese at $1.75? At that price, could you get any more filling, especially with the summer heat? The servings are pretty huge as well, which totally ensures that you’re satisfied with your ice cream cravings. Think of it as a dessert burger, and one that will keep you cool during this season.

Ink Sack offers up the Godfather Sandwich, a mix of chorizo, ham, manchego, tomatoes and other delicious veggies for just 6 dollars.

Affordable, delicious and also quite healthy at the same time... That's far better than most of the stuff you'll find in places like Subway.  At just 6 dollars, you know fully well that this is a gastronomical steal.

Get your fair share of custards worth $6.75 at The Pie Hole.

One can never have too much pie.  It's just too good to resist, even more so when it's the good old classic, custard pie.  Visit the Pie Hole and you'll get to choose from a multitude of flavors as well, which means that you'll be turning into a regular customer pretty soon.

This French Dip sandwich at Philippe the Original will be all yours to consume for a very affordable $6.75.

  It’s the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Philly Cheesesteak whenever we’re looking for our meat in a sandwich fix. However, the French Dip defies expectations, as every bite only tastes even more delicious. Philippe the Original serves these on a daily basis, with customers wanting to get more of the famed sandwich. The pricing on this baby surely helps matters too.

El Chato has some really tasty tacos for just a dollar each.

  Mexican tacos are a hit-or-miss with us, especially when they don’t really taste authentic. However, the guys at El Chato are as close to the real Mexican flavor as possible, unlike Taco Bell or other commercial fluff. At the price of just a dollar per taco, you know you’ll be ordering a few more too.