15 Recipes with Jamaican Influences That You Need to Try Out ASAP

Stew Peas & Rice

There’s no other place out there that speaks volumes about one love more than Jamaica, especially with their motto, which is “Out of many, one people.” It is because of such a mentality that you can easily fall in love with their free-spirited culture. However, you can also say the same with their food. You really don’t have to go all the way to the island just to get a chance to taste their finest cuisines, though. As a matter of fact, you can create some of them for yourself right in your very homes. Check out these dishes, along with the recipes on the links, to truly know what one love is all about.

            It’s as simple as it gets. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This Jamaican dish has all the right flavor to keep you coming back for more. It’s hearty and fulfilling, down to the last bite.

Jamaican Patty Pops

This is perhaps one of the more common recipes in Jamaican culture. You can practically see a lot of street vendors selling these. However, if you’ve tried it out and are looking to get a few more bites in, why not make your own? The recipe above is pretty easy to follow and you can bring this along everywhere you go for a to-go snack.