15 American Food Items that Take it to the Extreme

It’s bad enough to have a burger, but Krispy Kreme buns?  Man, that’s a lot.

You’ve got to hand it to the US, because they sure know how to make people take notice of them.  It’s not like they need it, considering that they’re pretty much the most well known country in the entire world.  When it comes to food, though, they’ve sure got some ideas that will make you scratch your head.  Some of these actually work, but the mere thought that some random stuff was just put together and someone decided to call them culinary delights is beyond our understanding.  Take a look for yourself and be ready to call the paramedics.

We all know you guys love burgers. You’ve got a ton of burger chains all over the entire continent already. We can’t wait to try them all out if we get the chance. But seriously, why would you want to do this? Yes, Krispy Kreme BUNS. Aren’t you worried about obesity enough yet?

)  Yeah, no thank you.

)  Do you really need this much glazed  donuts in your life?

)  You’ve got to hand it to KFC for making a chicken sandwich out of two fried chicken patties as buns.

)  Bacon and donuts don’t make a good combo, okay?