15 Affordable Eats You Can Find in Washington D.C.

Would you like a burrito platter for just $6.50? Head over to the Tortilla Café.

Washington, D.C. certainly has a lot of sights for you to check out, making a trip down here a worthwhile one.  However, much like every weary traveler who has had enough adventuring for the day, you would like to treat yourself to some really delicious food to get yourself primed up for a few more hours of exploration.  If you are looking to be gastronomically satisfied without ever breaking the bank, you just might find this list that we came up with very interesting.  Trust us, you can’t get any better than these affordable options.

Burrito, anyone? Nobody can ever get enough of burritos. It doesn’t matter if you’re Mexican or not; food is universal. Of course, you can get a good deal over at the Tortilla Cafe if you’re really craving for some authentic Mexican cuisine, especially burritos which are this affordable.

Get a serving of the classic Macaroni and Cheese from CapMac Food Truck for just 8 dollars.

         Mac and cheese! Here’s a good ol’ favorite that everybody just can’t get enough of! Why settle for those expensive commercial fluff when you can have the tastiest servings to be had with CapMac? 8 dollars certainly isn’t a bad deal either, so go get some.

Jumbo Slice at 2341 18th Street has some of the best pizza your money can buy, specifically at just 7 dollars for the biggest slice.

  When it’s pizza, you know you just can’t say no. That applies most especially when you’ve got one slice that’s as big as the one pictured above. Even more fortunate is the fact that you can have just that for only 7 dollars. Talk about a delicious deal, huh?

Boundary Stone has got some really affordable ($9) and tasty chicken wings.

  Time to turn up the heat with some buffalo wings. Tasty, delectable and juicy, you’ll be sure to get more than just one serving of this, even with a whole lot that’s already on the plate. They’re also pretty affordable, so we don’t blame you if you can’t get enough of these.

Ted’s Bulletin offers these tasty poptarts for $1.89 if you don't want regular toast with your breakfast.

  How can you go wrong with Pop Tarts? Sure, they may seem a little kid-friendly, but who’s to say that you can’t go out and be a kid yourself every now and then during breakfast? Replace the usual toasts with these babies for just a dollar and 89 cents, and you’ll be off to start the day with some good vibes.